We facilitate the creation of links between employers and educators in order to help tackle the STEM skills shortage. By enthusing young people about STEM, employers can help to develop the creativity, problem-solving and employability skills of young people and widen the understanding and awareness of STEM careers with the next generation of UK employees.

Employers who are involved with our programmes find opportunities to:

  • challenge stereotypes about the career paths of people with STEM skills and encourage new recruits
  • develop young peoples’ skills, knowledge and understanding of STEM applications in the real world
  • contribute ideas to teachers about topics and activities to include in the STEM curriculum
  • tap into the creative thinking of young people
  • enhance the reputation of their company in the local community
  • provide career development opportunities for their employees by developing the communication, planning and presentation skills of STEM Ambassadors

In addition to improving awareness of the work that your company does and recognition of your brand in the community, you will also make a positive impact on young people’s learning and development.

Read about the impact of our programmes in this independent evaluation report

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