About Us

We create opportunities to inspire young people in STEM.

We strive to deliver our vision and purpose by working with thousands of schools, colleges and STEM employers, to enable young people of all backgrounds and abilities to meet inspiring role models, understand real world applications of STEM subjects and experience hands-on STEM activities that motivate, inspire and bring learning and career opportunities to life.

STEM Ambassadors

We run the UK’s only network of STEM Ambassadors: over 30,000 brilliant and inspiring volunteers

Across the UK, our STEM Ambassadors volunteer their time and support to promote STEM subjects to young learners in a vast range of original, creative, practical and engaging ways.

They are an invaluable and free resource for teachers, helping to deliver the STEM curriculum and raise awareness of STEM careers, by revealing how essential STEM is throughout the world.

Our STEM Ambassadors come from a wide range of careers and professions, including environmental scientists, civil engineers, marine biologists, medical physicists, pharmacists, energy analysts, architects and games developers to name but a few.

We work hard to ensure that the population of STEM Ambassadors reflects the diversity of the population that they volunteer to support. 40% of STEM Ambassadors are women and 13% describe themselves as from BAME (Black & Minority Ethnic) backgrounds. We have enthusiastic Ambassadors from 18 to 70 years of age, with almost 60% under 35 years of age.

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STEM Clubs Programme

We provide free, impartial, expert advice and support to schools that want to set up or develop a STEM Club.

STEM Clubs are a fun and rewarding way to boost enjoyment and learning across STEM, outside of the classroom. They are not designed to be about writing, tests or exams. Instead, they allow pupils to explore, investigate and discover STEM subjects in a fun and stimulating learning environment away from the constraints of the school timetable or curriculum.

STEM Clubs can motivate and build confidence in pupils who struggle with STEM subjects and also provide an extra outlet for children who already show aptitude and are interested in furthering their learning.

We can help schools and teachers to decide if their STEM Club should be cross-curricular or focus on a single subject within STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths); we advise on activities which are aligned with existing national programmes or competitions, such as CREST Awards, or support designing a new activity to suit your school and students.

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